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Upholstery Repair

One of the best things to do on a warm, sunny day is to relax outside on the patio. It is the perfect way to spend the weekend, but you won't be able to do this if your patio furniture is old and broken. Make sure that everything is in the best condition before patio season by contacting us at A1 Recliner and Furniture Repair for a full patio furniture repair appointment. We will make sure that your patio is functioning at its best before your next party, barbecue, or vacation. Check us out by calling us during business hours at our office in Las Vegas. We are just a short drive from you if you are in Henderson, NV, North Las Vegas, or any of the other nearby towns and communities.

Do you have dirty, worn upholstery? The expert furniture technicians at A1 Recliner and Furniture Repair can help with this as well. We can provide you with an upholstery repair that takes care of any tears and rips so that your furniture looks bright and new again. No matter what you need, you will experience top level customer service and care. We know you are going to be thrilled with your furniture both inside and outside your home once we have taken care of all repairs at A1 Recliner and Furniture Repair.

You want to spend time out on the patio, and that cannot happen until you complete your patio furniture repair. Give us a call at A1 Recliner and Furniture Repair and we will get to work as soon as possible. While we are there, we can also look at your furniture and offer great upholstery repair. We have flexible business hours throughout the week and can travel to you if you live somewhere in the Las Vegas metro area, including Henderson, Blue Diamond, and Boulder City. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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